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Handcrafted in Sterling Silver, the bell is in the shape of a turtle's shell. The head is the bail while it's hind legs swing freely to ring the bell.
Sea Turtle Bell Pendant - A brave and beautiful creature
  • $84.00
Handcrafted in Sterling Silver, the Sand Dollar Bell Pendant is in the shape of a sand dollar with a sea shell bail with a sea horse clinging to the clapper.
Sand Dollar Bell Pendant - Fond memories of the beach
  • $84.00
Sea Turtle Charm Bell
  • $59.00


Handcrafted in sterling silver, this bell is in the shape of a turtle’s shell, the head is the bail, and it’s hind legs and tail make up the clapper. A unique gift for anyone who loves the sea or sea turtles.
Sea Turtle Bell Necklace Gift Set - A graceful creature
  • $111.75
  • From $99.00
Handcrafted in Sterling Silver, the Sand Dollar Charm Bell is shaped like a sand dollar, with all its intricate patterns. A scallop shell hangs from the clapper, waiting to ring the bell.
Sand Dollar Charm Bell - Memories of walking the beach
  • $59.00
Handcrafted in Sterling Silver, the Sea Horse Bell Pendant has two sea horses kissing to form a heart with delicate swirls of sea weed surrounding them. A Conch Sea Shell for the bail and a sand dollar for the clapper.
Sea Horse Bell Pendant - Two sea horses kissing
  • $94.00
Handcrafted in sterling silver, the pendant's bell body looks like palm tree fronds. The palm tree's distinctive trunk hangs below, forming the bell's clapper and the pendant's bail is a crescent moon hanging above the palm tree.
Palm Tree Bell Pendant - "My toes in the sand"
  • $84.00
Lighthouse Bell Pendant - "The lighthouse shines"
  • $94.00
Nautical Bell Pendant
  • $94.00
Sea Turtle Earrings
  • $45.00
Dolphin Bell Pendant
  • $94.00
Handcrafted in 10 or 14K gold, this bell is shaped like the graceful sea turtle. The bail is the turtle's head and it's hind legs and tail form the clapper.
Gold Sea Turtle Bell Pendant
  • From $655.00
Octopus Bell Pendant
  • $94.00