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This is our selection of gold bells that can be ordered online. We normally cast in 10K and 14K yellow gold but have also made a few bells in Rose Gold.
You can order any of our bells in gold by calling us during our regular business hours.

6 products found in The Gold Collection

Featuring a prominent heart design with scroll work accents, this handcrafted gold Love Bell Pendant makes a bold statement regarding how you feel about the one you love.
Gold Love Bell Pendant - To adore, to be devoted
  • From $802.00
Gold You Are Loved Charm Bell - My love forever
  • From $347.00
Handcrafted in 10 or 14K, the gold petals of the flower form the body of the bell, the bail is a butterfly fluttering above and a hummingbird hangs from the clapper.
Gold Spring Flower Bell Pendant
  • From $549.00
A timeless declaration of your love, this beautiful Gold Love Charm Bell features a striking scroll work design with prominent hearts. Handcrafted for an extra touch of sentiment, it's the perfect romantic gift for your special someone.
Gold Love Charm Bell - To adore, be in love with
  • From $466.00
Handcrafted in 14K or 10K gold, the Gold You Are Loved Bell Pendant is shaped like a Hershey's kiss and adorned with cutout hearts and cupid's arrow as the clapper.
Gold You Are Loved Bell Pendant - "I'll love you forever"
  • From $639.00
Handcrafted in 10 or 14K, this bell is shaped like an antique padlock. There is a large heart with a key hole in its center on the both sides of the bell. The key is the clapper and the bail resembles the handle of a skeleton key.
Gold Key To My Heart Bell Pendant
  • From $635.00