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Unique silver gifts of love and affection.

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You Are Loved Charm Bell
  • $59.00
To The Moon and Back Charm Bell - I love you more
  • $59.00
Key to My Heart Charm Bell
  • $59.00
Love Charm Bell - A Word Of Many Meanings
  • $65.00


In this video you can see our Amore Charm Bell. Our handcrafted sterling silver charm bracelet comes with a beautiful sterling silver mini rolo bracelet in your choice of 7” or 8” lengths.
Amore Charm Bracelet Gift Set
  • $89.00
  • $79.00
In this video you can see our handcrafted Sterling Silver Charm, the Always and Forever Charm Bell. It is adorned with inter locking hearts around the bell body with an infinity symbol as the clapper.
Always and Forever Charm Bell - "I love and hold you dear"
  • $59.00
In this video you can see our handcrafted sterling silver charm, the Amore bell. Let its ring be a reminder of your love. The Amore Charm Bell features a large, bold heart on each side, with the center cut out so light can shine through, and a clapper that says "love".
Amore Charm Bell - "You are my soulmate"
  • $59.00
Claddagh Charm Bell
  • $59.00
Personalized Forever Charm Bell
  • $84.00
Forget Me Not Charm Bell - For all you mean to me
  • $59.00