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Sea Turtle Bell Pendant
  • $84.00
Handcrafted in Sterling Silver, the Horse Bell Pendant features a horse looking out through its stable with several horses galloping across a field on the opposite side. The bail is a horseshoe and the clapper is a horseshoe nail.
Horse Bell Pendant
  • $84.00
Sea Turtle Charm Bell
  • $59.00
This sterling silver Cat Bell Pendant is unique because the cat's head turns, the only other bell that has this feature is the dog bell. The tail forms the clapper and the bail is a ball of yarn.
Cat Bell Pendant
  • $84.00
Sea Turtle Bell Necklace Gift Set
  • $111.75
  • From $99.00
Cat Charm Bell
  • $59.00
A Companion Without Equal Handcrafted in Sterling Silver, this sterling silver Dog Bell Pendant is unique because the head of the dog turns, the only other bell that has this feature is the Cat Bell. The tail forms the clapper, the bail is a bone.
Dog Bell Pendant
  • $84.00
Owl Bell Pendant
  • $84.00
Personalized Forever in My Heart
  • $84.00
Horse Charm Bell
  • $59.00
Handcrafted in 10 or 14K gold, this bell is shaped like the graceful sea turtle. The bail is the turtle's head and it's hind legs and tail form the clapper.
Gold Sea Turtle Bell Pendant
  • From $750.00