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Bell of Christ Bell: Make a Joyful Noise! This Bell depicts the three crosses on Calvary, prominent to remind us of His eternal love. While the clapper resembles one of the nails that held His body to the cross. The bail flows upward into thirds as a symbol of the Holy Trinity. The delicate jingle of this exquisite piece will remind you of Jesus' purpose in your life.

More than just a bell.

Each bell commemorates a life or a moment that is unique and special. Our hope is that you experience love and heart-felt joy when you hear the ring of your bell.

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Heirloom Quality

Handcrafted in our studio in Round Rock,TX

John and Seantel went to Tucson Arizona for the Gem show. They were looking for items to buy to put in the Jewelry store and resell. They were not making jewelry at this time. At the Tucson show, they saw that fairly large bells were being sold. The bells were less than wholesome. John was intrigued by the bells he saw. When they came home from the show, John and Seantel were inspired to start making small bells. When people would hear the bells ring they would be reminded of the good things in life!

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