Summer Beach Collection

Sandy feet, sunscreen and the smell of salt from the sea is the perfect way to celebrate the beginning of summer! What better way to reminisce on your fun in the sun than with a bell that reminds you of all those marvelous times?

Our Summer Beach Collection was created to help you commemorate the wonderful memories that are made over the summer – from trips to the beach to swimming at the neighborhood pool to backyard barbecues with friends and family!

For the brave and adventurous person, our Sea Turtle Bell Pendant is perfect! The sea turtle faces many dangers throughout its life and its struggle to survive is truly remarkable. If you have a passion for sailing like our owner, John, then we recommend the Nautical Bell Pendant for you! For those who love the beauty and romance of the sea, our Dolphin Bell Pendant depicts a beautiful dolphin – known for their friendly appearance, they are the perfect ambassadors of the sea as they always seem to be smiling.

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Sea Turtle Bell Pendant

Sea Turtle Bell Story Card:

The sea turtle is a brave and beautiful creature. It faces many dangers throughout its life and its struggle to survive is truly remarkable. From the beach of its birth and the predators there, to the dangers it faces at sea. May this bell remind you it may not be easy, but with determination, you can do it!

Sand Dollar Bell Pendant

Sand Dollar Bell Story Card:

The Sand Dollar Legend is an Easter and Christmas favorite which tells the story of five slits representing the wounds on Christ when on the cross, the Easter lily with a star in the middle represents the star of Bethlehem and on the back is the outline of a Poinsettia, the Christmas flower.

Nautical Bell Pendant

Nautical Bell Story Card:

Reminds us of the grandeur of God’s work and the power of the sea. It is crafted with sailboats, rolling ocean waves & a lighthouse. The bail is a rope pulley & the clapper is a boat’s anchor. A compass rose crowns the top pointing in all 4 directions!!

Dolphin Bell Pendant

Dolphin Bell Story Card:

For those who love the beauty and romance of the sea, dolphins, with their friendly appearance, are the perfect ambassadors as they always seem to be smiling. They glide gracefully and effortlessly through the water of their ocean playground with the boundless energy of children at play. The dolphin bail and conch clapper complete this graceful bell.

Lighthouse Bell Pendant

Lighthouse Bell Story Card:

Engulfed in the night, the lighthouse shines from the shore to guide ships. When the sun rises, it stands proudly and elegantly in solitude. Mark Twain said, “…throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” May this bell remind you that the lighthouse will always be there to guide you in your journey.

We hope the bells in our Summer Beach Collection will remind you of the good things in life – like moments shared with friends and family while having fun in the sun! You can shop our entire Summer Beach Collection here.