Take an Angel Wherever You Go with the Seantel Collection

https://www.collectbells.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/seantel-408h.jpg Seantel is John's wife and an integral piece of our Bell Collection company. Many of you have met her at shows and of course showing the bells off so well in pictures. She designed this beautiful Seantel Collection and wrote the story for them because she loves Angels and hearts just as much as her love for purses and shoes. Her collection is one of our most popular pieces. Some say the Seantel Bell Pendant has the best sounding ring. Our sterling silver bells have stories to tell and memories to bring for your loved one. A great way to start gifting them is to begin a collection for someone you care about based on the thing they treasure most. If you have a daughter, mother, wife, sister, or aunt whose faith is what they treasure above all else, then the Seantel Bell Collection is the perfect gift to give them. Give them a beautiful piece of artwork that they can wear and carry with them as a daily reminder of their faith and love in God. https://www.collectbells.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Seantel0816.jpg


Our Seantel Bell Pendant is covered in beautiful angels and hearts. The bell depicts a lovely angel in a beautiful, circular frame while the rest of the bell is covered in a stunningly intricate detail made to resemble hearts. An upside-down heart forms the clapper, which brings the music of the bell to remind you of your faith in God and his love for you. The bail features another gorgeous angel sitting on top to tie the whole piece together. Our Seantel Bell Pendant is a beautiful gift for the woman in your life who wants to carry her faith with her wherever she goes.


The perfect companion piece to the Seantel Bell Pendant, our Seantel Charm Bell has the same beautiful angel and heart design around the bell, with the upside-down heart clapper. This sterling silver charm makes the perfect addition to any charm bracelet. All of the Seantel Collection pieces come with a story card that reads: “We are all Gods’ angels, His hands on Earth.” He guides and inspires us, our Shepherd from birth. With each gentle move, the heart clapper will ring. “God loves us for always, your own heart will sing.”


This beautiful cross was made to be a complimentary piece to the Seantel Bell Pendant and Seantel Cross Earrings. It features swirling heart details on each of the four ends of the cross, with a gorgeous angel framed in the center of the cross. This Seantel Cross is a lovely gift to complete the set.


These gorgeous earrings were made to fit with the entire set of Seantel pieces. Its design is similar to the Seantel Cross, with hearts on the four ends of each cross, and an angel sitting in the center of the crosses. The Seantel Cross Earrings hang from sterling silver French wires to give them a classic look and delicate sense of movement. The Seantel Cross Earrings also feature the same card that comes with the pendant and charm. Give the person you care about something they will cherish for years to come. Start off their Seantel collection today with any of the beautiful pieces listed above. They’ll be forever touched by the thought and meaning that is put into these bells.