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Handcrafted in Sterling Silver, this sterling silver Butterfly Bell Pendant is adorned with butterflies around the bell body, the bail is a flower with a caterpillar for the clapper.
Butterfly Bell Pendant
  • $84.00
Sunflower Charm Bell - For everyone who loves sunflowers
  • $59.00
Handcrafted in Sterling Silver, the Butterfly Charm Bell is shaped like a butterfly with a caterpillar for the bell's clapper.
Butterfly Charm Bell - Shaped like a butterfly
  • $59.00
Sunflower Bell Pendant - Do you love sunflowers?
  • $84.00


The Sunflower Necklace Gift Set is handcrafted in Sterling Silver with a Sunflower sculpted on each side of the bell. The petals hang artfully, just below the bottom rim of the bell, giving the Sunflower additional depth. The clapper has been carefully carved to look like the Sunflower's stalk and the pendant's bail is shaped like a petal from the Sunflower.
Sunflower Bell Necklace Gift Set - For anyone who loves sunflowers
  • $111.75
  • From $99.00