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Here is our collection of personalized sterling silver pendants and charms. Each one is hand carved in wax before casting, making every piece a unique one of a kind gift.

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Personalized Forever Bell Pendant
  • $109.00
Personalized Forever in My Heart
  • $84.00
Personalized Graduation Charm Bell
  • $84.00
Handcrafted in Sterling Silver, the bell is shaped like a baby bottle, with a safety pin for the bail, and a baby rattle for the clapper. It comes with a name and date engraved on it's side.
Personalized Bundle of Joy Bell Pendant
  • $109.00
The Handcrafted sterling silver Classic Bell Pendant has high-polished body with graceful, ribbon-like bail and is a classic for all occasions. We will engrave a name or phrase of your choosing on the bell. Perfect for the casual days and dressy nights!
Personalized Classic Bell Pendant
  • $139.00
Handcrafted in Sterling Silver, your Personalized Blessing Bell is a great sentimental gift. We carve a name or special message of your choosing into each side of the bell to make every one a unique gift.
Personalized Blessing Bell Pendant
  • $109.00
Personalized Forever Charm Bell
  • $84.00
Personalized Bat Charm
  • $39.00
Personalized Mother Bracelet
  • $199.00