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Sea Turtle Bell Pendant - A brave and beautiful creature
  • $84.00
Guardian Angel Bell Pendant - Keeping a watchful eye
  • $84.00
Handcrafted in Sterling Silver, the Bee Bell Pendant is shaped like a bee hive with bees flying around the hive. The clapper is a honey dipper and the bail is bee.
Bee Bell Pendant
  • $84.00
Handcrafted in Sterling Silver, the Comfort Bell Pendant is a gift with a unique design of woven hearts around the bottom. Includes Gift Box & Card.
Comfort Bell Pendant - I wish you peace
  • $84.00
Handcrafted in Sterling Silver, the Harmony Bell Pendant is decorated with the words Hope (shown here), Love, Joy, Faith, Peace, as well as hearts, crosses, and the peace symbol. The bail says "Joy" while a heart hangs from the bell's clapper.
Harmony Bell Pendant - "May you always find hope"
  • $84.00


Survivors Bell Pendant
  • $84.00
  • $79.80
In this video you can see our handcrafted Sterling Silver Pendant, the Alzheimer’s Bell Pendant. This pendant has Forget Me Not flowers around the bell, a butterfly for the bail and a heart for the clapper.
Alzheimer’s Bell Pendant - "The heart remembers"
  • $84.00


Guardian Angel Bell Necklace Gift Set
  • $121.75
  • $99.00
Hot Air Balloon Bell Pendant
  • $84.00
Remembrance Bell Pendant
  • $84.00
Isaiah 41:10 Fear Not Bell Pendant
  • $84.00


Sea Turtle Bell Necklace Gift Set
  • $145.75
  • $119.00
Handcrafted in Sterling Silver, the Appreciation Bell Pendant has a unique design with hearts around the bottom of the bell body and a heart for the clapper. This bell was created to help tell those you love that you appreciate all they have done for you.
Appreciation Bell Pendant - You've been good to me
  • $84.00
Serenity Bell Pendant
  • $84.00
Isaiah 41:10 Fear Not Pendant
  • $49.00
Handcrafted in 10 or 14K, a sunrise is depicted on one side and the dove of peace appears on the other side of the Survivors Bell Pendant. A ribbon forms the bail and a feather the clapper of this unique gold bell.
Gold Survivors Bell Pendant
  • From $537.00
Handcrafted in 10 or 14K gold, this bell is shaped like the graceful sea turtle. The bail is the turtle's head and it's hind legs and tail form the clapper.
Gold Sea Turtle Bell Pendant
  • From $571.00