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Bellflower Pendant
  • $84.00
Personalized Blessing Bell Pendant
  • $109.00


Son Bell Pendant
  • $84.00
  • $60.00
Personalized Classic Bell Pendant
  • $139.00
Isaiah 41:10 Fear Not Pendant
  • $49.00


Sunflower Bell Necklace Gift Set - For Anyone Who Loves Sunflowers
  • $145.75
  • $119.00
Treasured Mom Bell Pendant - A bond of love never broken
  • $84.00
DKG Rose Bell Pendant
  • $84.00


Let Freedom Ring Bell Pendant
  • $84.00
  • $69.00


Southern Belle Bell Pendant
  • $84.00
  • $69.00
Handcrafted in 10 or 14K, a sunrise is depicted on one side and the dove of peace appears on the other side of the Survivors Bell Pendant. A ribbon forms the bail and a feather the clapper of this unique gold bell.
Gold Survivors Bell Pendant
  • From $552.00
Handcrafted in 10 or 14K, the gold petals of the flower form the body of the bell, the bail is a butterfly fluttering above and a hummingbird hangs from the clapper.
Gold Spring Flower Bell Pendant
  • From $494.00
Gold Love Bell Pendant - To adore, to be devoted
  • From $718.00
Handcrafted in sterling silver, the Quilting Hands Bell Pendant is shaped like a thimble. Pinking shears and the heart in hand symbol decorate the sides. A quilt block hangs above, forming the bail, and a seam ripper hangs below to ring the bell.
Quilting Hands Bell Pendant - "To share our passion"
  • $84.00
Handcrafted in 10 or 14K, this is one of our most intricately crafted bells. The Gold Nativity Bell Necklace features four delicately carved scenes honoring the Nativity.
Gold Nativity Bell Pendant - With magi, shepherd, and manger
  • From $646.00
Gold Sea Turtle Bell Pendant
  • From $588.00
Gold Angel Bell Pendant
  • From $715.00
Gold Infinite Cross - The Gold Cross With Infinite Possibilities
  • From $275.00
Gold Texas Bell Pendant
  • From $635.00
Gold Bell of Christ Pendant
  • From $521.00