John & Seantel’s Story

For over 20+ years John and Seantel have designed hundreds of different bells including custom bells for Universities, Clubs, Sororities and stores. It all started with the first bell they made “The Bell of Christ”. The Bell Pendant has three crosses of Calvary and the clapper is a nail. To this day, it is still the number one selling bell.

Each Bell is proudly hand crafted in the studio in Round Rock TX. The original is carved in wax, cast in metal then make a mold for each piece. After the molds are made for each bell, it still takes four days to make. We use a special Sterling Silver that is resistant to tarnishing. John writes the heartfelt story cards for each bell, sometimes it takes him longer to write the story than the time it takes to create the bell.

John and Seantel have found a niche market and they Love what they do.

One of John’s favorite things to do is give tours of the studio to show how the bells are made. Please call ahead and make an appointment to have a tour (it takes 10-15 minutes).